Director of Zone 2

Chris Elwell – Zone #2 Director– District #1

Currently I continue to teach middle school in Farmington, MN.  I’ve been teaching for 19 years and it’s been the most rewarding career I’ve had.  I teach typing, computer coding/ programming, and video production.

Twenty years ago, I joined Sons of Norway as a way to have date night.  We had two children with one on the way and ended up bringing our children to the meetings.  Our members embraced my children and have been an integral part of their upbringing.

All three of my children (Rebecca-26, Benjamin-24, and Elizabeth-19 Larson) attended camp Masse Moro in Eau Claire from age 9 – 15 and went back to volunteer and work.  My daughters also attended a year of folk school in Norway after they graduated from high school. My eldest, Rebecca, was the youngest delegate to attend the international convention in Coeur D’Alene.  All three were folk dancers.  Sons of Norway has been important to my children and me.

I’ve served on the District Board on several capacities over the years.  Also, I’ve served in several roles at my local lodge, Norsota-Apple Valley.

Although in 2010 I ended my marriage, I’ve introduced my new beau to Sons of Norway and although he was unfamiliar with Norwegian culture (and is from California), he has embraced the culture and loves to attend the meetings and participates as much as he can.

All three of my children visited Norway several times before I did.  Finally, in January 2018 my beau, Michael, and I flew to Norway to attend my daughter Becca’s wedding to Daniel (an amazing Norwegian she met at folk school).  It was an awesome experience especially because my son (serving in the US Air Force and at that time in S Korea) and my youngest daughter (who was attending folk school in Norway) were all able to be with Becca and Daniel for the wedding.  Having all my children in one place AND being in Norway was oh so awesome!!

So… Sons of Norway has been important to me especially because of the opportunities it has brought my children.  Rebecca lives in Norway now.  She and Daniel are expecting their first child in May.  Ben is back in the States but has plans to go Norway whenever he can. Ellie will be in Norway again this spring to help her sister and meet her little nephew.

I’ll do what I can to improve your experience with this organization.  Contact me with any suggestions, wishes, dreams, and even frustrations and we shall work toward making things WONDERFUL.

Chris Elwell

4343 Andromeda Way

Eagan, MN  55123