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 Nyhetsbrev2021 Q3 issue -View online or download in PDF format

Nyhetsbrev 2021 Q2 issue – download in PDF format

Nyhetsbrev 2021 Q1 issue — download in PDF format

Nyhetsbrev 2020 Q4 issue — download in PDF format

Nyhetsbrev 2020 Q3 issue — download in PDF format

Nyhetsbrev 2020 Q1 issue— download in PDF format

News for Lodges

Dear Lodge Leaders:

In our ongoing effort to increase good governance within our organization, the International Board of Directors has revised the Local Lodge Bylaws template to add two items of importance. One will help your lodge ensure proper oversight with compliance issues and the other will establish guidelines for a local lodge in the event of lodge dissolution. These additions come from advice by counsel in order to help our lodges protect themselves from a legal standpoint and to provide guidance in the unlikely event of a lodge dissolution.

The Board asks all lodges to review their current bylaws to determine if they contain these or similar clauses. If not, the new information (as highlighted in the example attached) needs to be added. For those lodges with custom bylaw forms that do not strictly follow the template, please incorporate the highlighted text into those bylaws as well.

For reference, you can find the text of the revised bylaws template here.

If you have any questions about what this means for your lodge, please don’t hesitate to reach out with questions.

David Crabb

Important Lodge Dates

10th of each month throughout the year: 
* Lodge photos are due to the District Publicity Director by the 10th
of the month for the ‘Viking’ Magazine consideration in the magazine edition three months out. (D-1 Publicity Director is Gina Pockrandt.)