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International Sports Programs Sports Medals Program – Started in 1984 and designed to promote physical activity through participation in life sports. In the Sports Medals Program, each participant completes a set of mileage or point requirements, resulting upon completion in the awarding of a bronze, silver, gold or enamel medal.

The Sports Medals Program is divided into four areas: The Skimerke (ski medal), the Sykkelmerke (bicycle/wheelchair medal), the Idrettsmerke (fitness and sport medal) and the Gang-Merke (walking medal).

Log into the Sons of Norway website for all Sports Medals forms:

  • Sports Medal Brochure – Form 812a (66K)
  • Sports Medal Order Form – (422K)
  • “Gangmerke” (Walking) Record – Form 813 (30K)
  • “Idrettsmerke” (Sports and Fitness) Record – Form 811 (37K)
  • “Skimerke” (Skiing) Record – Form 804 (30K)
  • “Sykkelmerke” (Bicycling) Record – Form 810 (33K)

Orienteering – Begun in 1990, Orienteering, with roots in Scandinavia, is an outdoor activity that uses physical and mental energy. Using a topographical map and a compass, you find your way on foot across the countryside, navigating from point to point. Though it is most often an individual event, it is also common to see pairs, families or groups hiking an orienteering course together.