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Karen Aakre   – Social Cultural Director  – District #1   

The Heritage Department of Sons of Norway International Headquarters was developed to help promote and preserve the Norwegian heritage in North America. They provide a wide range of cultural offerings from slide presentations to videos to CD’s as well as opportunities to study abroad through a program such as Camp Norway.

Here is a listing of Heritage Programs available through the Heritage Department:

The Norwegian Cultural Skills Program serves a variety of purposes. It encourages active participation in Norwegian-North American pursuits, both traditional and contemporary; it enriches the lives of members of all ages; it provides the basis for special interest clubs within our lodges; and it provides new reasons for people to join Sons of Norway.

The Idea Bank is a listing of many successful lodge programs that have been used throughout the years. They range from Skits to Games to Cultural Events to programs for Children and Youth.

The Information Bank is a collection of informational essays on a variety of topics from Traditional Art and Costumes to Literature to Holidays and Special Events.

Mini-Presentation Articles on Norway compliment the Information Bank. They may be read at lodge meetings, used as a basis for skits or discussions or used in the lodge newsletter.

Slide Presentations and Videos cover many aspects of Norwegian culture from history to famous people to geography. You name it, it’s probably either on slides or video.

Model program materials are available for Language and Heritage Classes.

Share your talents by participating in Arts and Crafts Displays presented at Sons of Norway District and International Conventions.

Use the Viking Magazine as a source for programs, events or topics that could be shared with your lodge.

For information on any of the offerings listed above contact the Heritage Department at Sons of Norway International. You can write them at: 1455 West Lake Street, Minneapolis, MN 55408-2666, call them at: 612-827-3611 or 800-945-8851, FAX them at 612-827-0658 or e-mail them at

The First District revised their list of Programs for lodges.  Click on the link below to access the list.

2016 Program Presenters               

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