Zone 1

Zone 1 – Arrowhead Director Contact Information

Director: Paula Leland Garnett
5290 W. Arrowhead Rd. Duluth, Mn. 55811

 have the pleasure of continuing as Zone One Director!  I grew up in Duluth, Minnesota and graduated from Denfeld High School, a tradition in my family.  My parents and their siblings also graduated from this high school.  I am a graduate of the University of Minnesota and the University of Wisconsin, and my undergraduate degrees are in Elementary Education, English and the Language Arts, and Music and graduate degrees in Educational Administration, Educational Leadership, Policy, and Planning, and English and the Language Arts.  I have had many wonderful and interesting positions within the field of education: a teacher at all levels including kindergarten through high school, adjunct professor of English and Language Arts and the Writing Department, along with having been a principal, superintendent, and district representative to the Minnesota State Department of Education. 

Upon retirement, I became part of the Denfeld Theatre Department, something I had always wanted to experience, and supervised hair and makeup as well as being assistant director.  Moreover, I am Music Director at my church, and have been for more than 40 years.  I love it as much now as I did when I first began–the dear people and the exhilaration I feel when we share God’s praises through the musical arts!  I also belong to many boards of directors, and of course, the International Lodge of Sons of Norway.  It truly is an honor to serve my community and beyond, and this is a definite theme I have seen so often in lodge members throughout Zone One. 

My husband, Bill, has been both in the business sector, within the computer technology area, and in the field of education, teaching calculus and pre-calculus at his alma mater, Duluth East High School, where he had been a 20 year varsity, junior varsity, and grade nine coach.  Bill is the school’s photographer and has credits from the H.S. hockey tournament; online with Instagram photos; ESPN High School Sports online; Monticello Newspaper; and as the featured artist on the website called A Perfect Day Duluth.  He is also an adjunct professor for UMD and LSC. 

Bill and I have been members of Sons of Norway, Nortun Lodge, in Duluth for many years.  Bill wrote the newsletter, and I have held a variety of positions including president for several years, vice president, and marshall.  My association with Sons of Norway began early in life with my grandparents, who were all from Norway.  One of my grandmothers in particular would read  Viking Magazine from cover to cover, enjoying every article and would share some of the stories with me.  I was thrilled and loved watching her expressions of reminiscence regarding Norway.

I am so proud and fortunate to serve all lodges in Zone One.  Thank you for your continuous and limitless acts of caring and consideration for your members!  You live and give generously, are vital community members, and eagerly promote Sons of Norway’s resiliency and relevancy.

I can be contacted at  Thank you, Zone One Members!

Zone 1 Lodges:

Heimsyn 15, Cloquet, MN
Nortun 16, Duluth, MN
Terje Viken 17, Two Harbors, MN
Sagatun 18, Brainerd, MN
Haarfager 40, Virginia, MN
Midnatsolen 58, Hibbing, MN
Vinland 193, International Falls, MN
Nordstjernen 563, Grand Rapids, MN
Skogvannet 658, Walker, MN
Tusenvann 659, Isle, MN